The New Progressive Insurance Actress Who’s Creating a Stir Worldwide

The New Progressive Insurance Actress Who’s Creating a Stir Worldwide

Who is she?

She is the latest Progressive Insurance actress, Stephanie Courtney. Her character is a cashier called Flo in the latest advertising campaign of Progressive Corporation Auto Insurance.

With all the fuss about her, let’s take a peek into who Courtney is. This new Progressive Insurance actress was born on February 8, 1970. She has brunette hair and just recently married Scott Kolanach.

The new Progressive Insurance actress is actually a stand up comedian from Stony Point, New York; and a graduate from the Neighborhood Playhouse of New York City.

She jumpstarted her career as a comedian by relocating to Los Angeles and accepting gigs on the numerous Hollywood comedy houses. Our new Progressive Insurance actress then switched careers to become an actress.

She is known for her roles on several televisions shows, which includes the voices of Renee, the Receptionist and Joy Peters on adult Swim comedy, Tom goes to the Mayor (2204-2006), Marge on the AMC drama Mad Men(2007), and as Diane on ABC comedy Cavemen(2008).

As the new Progressive Insurance actress, Courtney is also a main member of the groundlings comedy troupe which is responsible for kick starting the careers of Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman, Will Ferrell and other Hollywood notables.

Courtney’s CV includes “Those Courtney Girls”, Aspen Comedy Festival, and “Hooray for America”. She has worked with the casts of Saturday Night Live in the following film roles projects “Melvin goes to Dinner”, “For Your Consideration (2006), The Brother Solomon (2007), and Blades of Glory.

In 2003, she won the Cooper Wing Award at the Phoenix film Festival with the ensemble cast for the comedy Melvin Goes to Dinner.

Our new Progressive Insurance actress, Stephanie Courtney has been invited to perform her stand up act at the Aspen Comedy Festival twice. She also performed in Aspen in “Those Courtney Girls”, a show she co-wrote with her sister, Jennifer, and in the Mr. Show Tour, “Hooray for America”.

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