How To Download Game Onto PSP In 5 Lightning Fast

How To Download Game Onto PSP In 5 Lightning Fast Steps

Do you want to download game onto PSP? Youve come to the right place. The PSP is a truly amazing piece of technology-people rave about the IPOD and the Zune thingy, but for my money the PSP beats them all hands down. The only downside with the PSP is the price of the games. Still, its not all bad, as there are a number of ways to download game onto PSP without it costing you too much at all!

Download Game Onto PSP- The 1st Step

You probably know that PSP games are in the form of a UMD disc (Universal Media Disc?). You cant put games onto one of these to play, so youll need to store any games that you download on to your memory card, or memory stick as all the hip kids call them these days. The standard size for one of these babies is 32mb, but thats just not going to cut it for todays games. Youll basically need as a big a card as your wallet allows. Dont worry though, you can get pretty good deals on the 2 or 4 gigabyte versions these days, and they will be more than big enough. Dont forget to format any new memory card you get to prevent future problems.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 2nd Step

This is the most important part when learning how to download game onto PSP-you need to know where to download the PSP games from! There are hundreds or thousands of free download sites. Be very careful who you trust though, many will give you troublesome downloads at awful speeds and often they will contain spyware or viruses. Its best to avoid any site that looks untrustworthy. In my experience, the best kinds of sites for downloading free PSP games are the ones where you pay a small fee upfront, which helps them pay for maintenance of the downloads and keep the latest titles etc, and then they will allow you unlimited access to any downloads you want.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 3rd Step

When you begin downloading, to make sure the filenames have PSP at the end of them. Some sites offer multiple formats so its good to check that its for PSP before wasting your time! If youve gone with a less reputable site, you may find that you have downloaded all kinds of junk instead of whatever you were looking for. These guys will change filenames just to get people to download their own programs and stuff like that, so always be careful.

Download Game onto PSP- The 4th Step

Now you need to transfer them from your computer to your PSP. As we mentioned, you may need a pretty large memory stick for this. All you need to do is attach the computer to the PSP using a USB cable. Make sure the PSP is switched off until the connection is made. When you switch the PSP on, the computer should then identify it as some kind of removable drive, so you should see it in My Computer. All you need to do from there is double click the PSP which should give you access to its memory stick from the computer, and simply copy and paste the game files from the computer onto the memory stick of the PSP. Something to note is that the games need to go into a file called PSP, and then one called GAME, so if those folders dont exist you will need to create them in order for the games to run.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 5th Step

Thats basically all you need to do to download games onto your PSP. Once the files are transferred over to the PSP you should be able to launch them by opening up the GAME menu and choosing the games from whats there. At this point you occasionally get errors, and in most cases they are caused by incompatible firmware. This is a common problem if you have downloaded homebrew stuff, but you can usually fix it by downgrading the firmware on your PSP to one of the early ones.

As youve seen, its not too hard at all to download game onto PSP-the hardest part of the whole thing is finding somewhere cool to download stuff from. Happy searching!

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