Review of the New James Bond Film the Quantum of

Review of the New James Bond Film the Quantum of Solace

Here is a short review of the new James Bond film The Quantum of Solace, which I went to see last night.

Initially as the film started I found it quite disorientating as the camera work was so fast I was finding it hard to focus on what was going on. I guess my old eyes just weren’t up to the speed. However my wife commented on the same thing almost as soon as I did. I did find though within a few minutes as the film progressed I adjusted to it and then the film was fine.

The film is very high adrenalin and the action is almost constant, which to be honest is exactly what I like in a film. None of the usual Bond gadgets, so if you like those you will be disappointed.

Daniel Craig is in my opinion one of the best bonds we have seen and reflects more the character that was portrayed in the original books. Both moody, mean and living beyond the edge of the law. He also reflects the slightly darker side of Bond which the books also put across quite well

The set piece fights I thought were well staged and although a little beyond belief, they are of course what the Bond films are about.

So all in all it was a film I thoroughly enjoyed and I have to say my wife also enjoyed the film. So if you are looking for a film with out to much of the old brain tissue being used and a good action film, this is the one for you.

8 out of 10 for me.

Guy Draper

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