Two Big Reasons Why Brad And Angelina Won’t Marry

Okay, you are busted! You are officially diagnosed with CELEBRITY ADDICTION. There are five main characteristics of this disease and you just confirmed that you have the first main characteristic.

1. You have an insatiable desire to find out what the celebrities are doing and what they said to whom and where they said it.

2. You try to copy hair styles and fashion of the stars.

3. You purchase and subscribe to all the magazines that have celebrity coverage.

4. You record all of the television shows that have celebrity coverage.

5. You cant believe it when your favorite celebrity does something humanlike have a bad day or get mad at someone.

It is safe to say that the majority of people in the U.S. have celebrity addiction. Otherwise, how could all the magazines, newspapers and television shows survive? I have to say that even though celebrities are well-paid nowadays, it must be very hard to be under constant scrutiny on a day-to-day basis.

Just imagine if there was a camera pointed at you all day, recording everything you are saying and watching what you are doing.

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By the way, my guess is, in reference to the Brad and Angelina story, that Angelina was making a fancy pasta dish for dinner, ran out of fresh tomato and needed to run to the store really quick. It appeared that she stormed out of the house because both kids begged to go with her so they could buy a candy bar. They were both wining and had been fighting with each other all day long. Angelina was fed up with their behavior and that accounts for the storming out of the house with both kids.

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