Marvel Characters

Hollywood decided long ago that the best way to making more money was to get into the creation of book characters or comic book characters into blockbuster movies. Many of the comic book characters have come from DC comics and off course Marvel comics. The big stars in the DC comics that have become big would be Superman and the Dark Knight who is Batman.

Marvel characters that have been made into movies are probably more like the Ghost Rider, Electra, Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Blade and the X-Men. Other notable characters from the comic books that have also been made into movies would include the Punisher and Captain America, however they are still other characters that haven’t yet been made into movies but will soon be.

Marvel Characters that will soon become movies, are superhero characters like the Avengers, which include Captain America, Giant Man also called Pym, Iron man, the wasp and many more which includes General Fury. Other new characters are also coming out of the woodwork such as Scarlet Witch, the Sasquatch and many more that will probably be made into movie characters. Marvel Characters don’t only include the good guys there are also villains that we subject with certain superheroes, such as if you see Dr. Doom you expect to see the Fantastic Four or sometimes Spiderman. If you see the green goblin then you will definitely see Spiderman and the X-Men they get to fight other mutants like them who are bad and are usually led by Magneto.

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