DVD Movie Review of Hancock Starring Will Smith

Will Smith as a superhero intrigued me. This was not your stereotypical action hero. In fact, he was the opposite. A superhero who was an anti-social alcoholic who didn’t actually like saving people this was something new to me. At last a new twist and I liked it. But was Hancock the type of superhero movie I was used to seeing?

The movie Hancock was more of an introduction to a new type of superhero that we aren’t used to seeing.

This installment of Hancock was more character motivated than action driven. And when I say this installment it means I would like to see more of Hancock in a superhero role. The action sequences in this movie were miniscule and not too impressive. This was director Peter Berg’s first film using visual effects as critical parts of the movie. Evidently, it’s very apparent when you view the film. When you watch superhero films you expect the action scenes to be spectacular. You even expect to see something you’ve never seen before.

I hate to say the actions scenes in Hancock were lame. I was overly disappointed in Charlize Theron’s brief superhero stint. A woman with superhuman strength is always sexy and scene stealing.

But to Hancock’s credit I liked the storyline. I enjoyed Will Smith and Jason Bateman’s performances. This comedic superhero isn’t hard to watch. Will Smith even gives this superhero some heart. I think that Will Smith fans will enjoy this movie.

Hancock is one of those films you can either leave or take.

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