iPod Movie Downloads Scam Or Real? Find Out For

iPod Movie Downloads Scam Or Real? Find Out For Yourself

Try searching for iPod movie downloads and chances are you will find several advertisements for paid membership sites that offer a huge library of iPod movies and other media files such as music, TV shows, etc. These sites offer you more than 90 million media files, including software bundles to download the songs, movies, music etc to your iPod, and other softwares like registry cleaner, adware/spyware removal applications. All these benefits for a lifetime fee of lesser than $50.

Compare this against the backdrop of downloading a video at $1.99 at iTune, many people would be tempted to download at these iPod movie download sites. So one burning question is: Do these sites really exist? Or Are they really able to deliver you what they promised?

Apparently, several of these sites are the real deal. Of course there are some which are downright Kazaa, LimeWire style websites. These websites basically share files, and in most cases illegal or copyrighted media files. So be really careful before you start downloading movies from some of these iPod download sites.

I am going to share with you some tips to help you to sieve out the real deals from the scam. This hangs a lot on what people specifically customers are saying about their services. So what are the things you should be looking out for when shopping for a quality paid membership site, as you scour the iPod or music forums?

1. Interface of the iPod Movies Download Site

Is the interface easy to navigate around? It must be simple enough to operate even if you are a newbie. This often speaks volumes about the professionalism of the site.

2. Software Provided

What kind of software do they provide? Do they charge you for the usage? Expect to get downloading software for free from some of the better sites. They should not be charging you at all. Please also find out if the software is compatible with your computer and your iPod.

3. Security in downloading the iPod Movies

How secured is it to download the iPod movies to your PC or Mac? Would it expose our computers to viruses, spyware, adware, etc?

4. Customers Comments and Feedback

Customers will not lie about their experiences. Hear some of the honest comments given by the customers at iPod forums.

5. Excellent Customer Service Support

Imagine facing difficulties while downloading your favourite movie that you intend to watch during the weekend and cannot get the technical support you need? What you need is solid technical support that is there when you need it.

These are important tips to distinguish the real deals from the imitations. In my next article, I will be sharing about the inside scoop about top iPod movie download sites that iPod users have been talking about.

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