Do You Want to Know the Answers to the Lost

Do You Want to Know the Answers to the Lost Mysteries?

Lost premiered on ABC September 22, 2004 and was an immediate success. The storyline centre’s on the lives of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, which has crashed on a remote tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific.

The show owes much of this success to the mysterious elements to the programme which have create mush fan, and media speculation as well as creating a certain amount of mythology around it.

These elements include a mysterious “monster” that inhabits the island, the “Dharma Initiative”, The Others (a mysterious group of inhabitants) and the numbers. Each of these elements is interwoven into the shows plot line but there connection to the survivors and the overall story isn’t yet clear.

Lost has become both a critical and popular success and has won many awards since it’s premier including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and won a host of Writers Guild of America awards in 2005.

It was also been nominated for a Golden Globe award in 2004 and 2005 and finally won the award in 2006 to name a few. It has also won many awards in Britain and across Europe.

Lost is also one of the most expensive TV series to be made with filming done entirely on location in Hawaii and its large cast. Since its first airing the show has become an integral part of American culture. Due to its popularity references to it are made on TV shows, commercials, comic books and song lyrics as well as tie-in novels, video games and even an Alternate Reality game called The Lost Experience.

ABC has recently announced, May 2007, it would continuing airing Lost until it’s “highly anticipated and shocking finale” Season 6 in 2010. Until then each season will run uninterrupted from Feb-May and will consist of 16 episodes in each series.

Lost has also been on the forefront of pioneering other forms of distribution, particularly online streaming. Lost was one of the first shows to be available through Apple’s iTunes Store service for the iPod. ABC has also made all episodes available, without commercials, available for download to their American audience only. This is restricted by the credit card holders billing address.

The UK’s Channel 4 also has a similar setup with episodes costing GBP0.99 each two weeks after the initial screening date, but as in the States due to International licensing regulations this is only available in the UK.

Despite this accessibility it seems that sales of the DVD Box Sets don’t seem to have been affected. The Season 1 box set entered the charts at number 2 whilst the season 2 box set entered at number 1, the first time a TV show based DVD has entered the charts at number 1.

Much the same happened with the release of the UK DVD’s, but as is usual in the UK each Series was split into two separate boxed sets.

Season Synopses

Season 1

The premier episode of Lost aired on Sept 22, 2004 on ABC and was watched by approx 18.6 million people. The story follows the lives of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, which has crashed on a tropical island in the south Pacific.

The survivors have to learn to work together to in order to survive, but they are threatened mysterious entities including a polar bear, an unknown “creature” that roams the island and the distinctly unfriendly “Others”.

They also encounter a Frenchwoman who was shipwrecked on the island 16 years previously. The season concluded with a failed attempt to escape the island using a makeshift raft built by some of the survivors.

Season 2

Season 2 centre’s around the growing conflict between the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the islands mysterious inhabitants “The Others” as well as introducing the “DHARMA Initiative” and its beneficiary the Hanso Foundation..

Some of the series earlier mysteries are solved however more mysteries and questions are introduced than are resolved. Gradually the mystery of the “Others” begins to unfold a greater insight is given into the survivors pasts. The season concludes when one of the survivors betrays the rest of the group and the cause of the crash is revealed.

Season 3

Much of this season continues to follow the conflict between the survivors and the Others as they learn more about their past on the island. One of the Others defects to the survivors group but one of the survivors also defects to the Others. As things the tension between the two groups escalates the war between them comes to a head.

As well as this continuing conflict a new survivor is introduced and the survivors make contact with a rescue team.

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