The Marvelous World of Television

Television has certainly undergone a dramatic transformation since the first black & white television set made its appearance in stores, so many years back. Technology has made rapid strides down the years and carries on to advance each day. Are you aware that in 1945, only 9 TV stations were there? Or that this country had less than 7000 operational television sets? It must be quite difficult for the current generation to conceive of such a thing, what with all the choice they have nowadays.

In the U.S., on 17th December 1953, the FCC ratified the RCA system’s adapted edition, officially permitting transmission for the very first time. The earliest satellite television signal became operational in 1962, which was a remarkable achievement for everyone that viewed TV and since then technology has only become more sophisticated. Satellite was instrumental for paving the path for all the developments that have been effected down the years and also for the improvements that still are in the pipeline.

You can now select your service provider to obtain programming and scores of stations to view. You have weather channels, news channels, movie channels, music channels, and much more. The marvelous world of television offers something for everyone. There are sport stations, science stations, and also stations developed simply for kids.

It isn’t just how we watched television that has changed over the years but also the television set too has vastly developed. The earlier television sets were massive and picture tubes were used for image display. In the course of time these tubes would get damaged and you would need to get a new set. Now you have the sophisticated level screen TV sets, which give such good picture quality that you feel as though you are really there. Concerning flat screens you can choose between Plasma and LCD TV. Naturally, there are several different sizes to pick from and they in fact are far sturdier than the earlier versions.

With the kind of entertainment that television provides, it’s not surprising that it’s frequently called the “wizard box”. It provides different forms of entertainment and it’s one of the excellent ways to be abreast of all the current news. Unquestionably, as technology keeps on improving the way we watch television, it will keep on being one of the fave forms of entertainment available.

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