Anime Swords – Gorgeous Collectibles Inspired by Animation Series From

Anime Swords – Gorgeous Collectibles Inspired by Animation Series From Japan

Animation from Japan, also known as Anime, is known for its artistic form — unreal characters with unusually large physical attributes — and its unusual style of dialog. Anime goes hand-in-hand with Manga — Japanese comic book novellas.

Over the most recent several years, Anime and Manga both have found an enormous fan base internationally, and the presence of collectibles such as weapons has grown greatly.

Anime, Manga History

The first Anime mini film was made in 1917, but the medium struggled to garner a mainstream acceptance until the 1960s and seventies. In those decades, as Manga cartoons found acceptance and popularity, Anime films were often spun off in an attempt to garner a larger base.

Osamu Tezuka is the most popular makers from that formative period of Manga’s emergence. Currently, Hayao Miyazaki has achieved worldwide recognition by way of internationally-recognized feature-length movies such as “Spirited Away”.

Bleach, Naruto and other series have become the most well-known series produced in the “modern era”. These serials have helped Anime gather a huge set of fans in Japan andalso internationally.

Bleach Swords

Anime Replica Swords have become popular collectors pieces, although perhaps none as popular as items from “Bleach.”

This massively well-received epic series features numerous sword-wielding actors, like protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.

As the series has gained in popularity, replica weapons for these characters as well as others have been sold to address an ever-increasing market.

Ichigo’s weapon is known as “Zangetsu.” This kind of weapon is a “Zanpakuto” or “Soul-Cutting Sword” and is one of the most purchased Anime collectiblesavailable. Another popular weapon is Toushiro Hitsugaya’s, a major character in a Bleach feature-length movies.

Other Anime Swords

Many additional Anime series include weapons in the forefront and nearly all are made as collector’s items. Dragonball Z’s Trunks Sword is one example as are InuYasha’s Tetsusaiga and Naruto’s Zabuza Sword.

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To view a more in-depth discussion of Anime and Manga, check out the Wikipedia’s Anime site. To follow an impressive bunch of viewers writing about “Bleach”, visit

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