Death Race Movie Review

This movie takes place in America 2012 where the economy has collapsed and unemployment is at an all time high. The prisons are over crowded and it seams the government want to do something about the economic disaster and over crowding in the cells, their idea is to make inmates participate in fights to the death and air it on TV. This is top of the television ratings for a while however the public soon get bored and a new form of entertainment known as the ‘death race’ is formed. Like the name suggest this is no normal race, the drivers taking part in the death race’s are high security convicts who are doing time in maximum security prisons, however they are told when they win 5 death races they will be free men. The fan favourite known as ‘Frankenstein’ has already won 3 of these races when he dies after an incident at one of the races.

To take the role of ‘Frankenstein’ who always wore a mask coincidentally is Jason Statham who plays the role of Jensen Ames an ex racer turned family man and steel worker. However when he is set up for the murder of his wife he is sent to Terminal Island Prison the place where these death races take place.

Jensen is forced to take the place of ‘Franky’ by the warden who is feared by all the prisoners. Jensen agrees that he will take part in these races because he doesn’t want another person to raise his daughter. Statham plays Jensen just as he has played most of his characters in previous films such as the Transporter, Crank and many others that have shown his macho persona.

Action and racing fans alike will defiantly enjoy Death Race also fans of Statham will surely flock to see this movie. Death Race is a fun mixture story, action and racing. There’s vital information in this film on how one would go about preparing their mustang for battle so on that note I award death race 3 out of 5 stars.

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