Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Overview

Gundam is one of the anime series that has made history. Its popularity has skyrocketed. Each of its series, from the original Gundam to the various sequels has amassed millions and millions of fans worldwide. And who can blame them for worshipping this series? Gundam is one of the best anime series ever shown. It has a dynamic plot that’s full of mystery and intrigue, it has well-rounded and realistic characters, it has a setting complete with its own history, politics, and geography… and it has gigantic, indestructible robots to boot! I mean, seriously, who in the world can resist mecha?

There has already been several Gundam series, all of them relatively successful. Sunrise, the makers of Gundam, has announced that Mobil Suit Gundam00 will be the next installment in the series last June 2007. It will be composed of two seasons in all. The first season has already started airing and the second season is set to air on October of 2008.


Gundam00 is set on the year 2307, an era where the world’s fossil fuel has already been depleted and the world relies solely on three solar powered generators stationed around the earth’s orbit. The three stations are controlled by the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations (USA and Australia), the Human Reform League (India, China, Russia, and the members of the ASEAN), and Advanced European Union (the whole of Europe). They begin fighting each other over the world’s energy, until a force called Celestial Being, a private military organization, emerged. The Celestial Being promises to bring peace on Earth and is aided by four Gundams. And thus Gundam 00 brings up the age old debate: whether it is right to fight evil with another evil, whether it is right to end war by making war.

Gundam00′s plot is, as the other Gundam series have been, suffused with an abundant amount of politics and warfare. And in the true Gundam tradition, the line between good and evil, right and wrong, is blurred to the point that you won’t be able to know who is really in the right. There are distinct similarities of the world of Gundam00 to that of our current world, post-9/11. And the way it’s portrayed is intriguing enough to compel many people to watch it.


Gundam00 is to be the first Gundam series to be shot in high-definition. Simply put, the animation is shiny, fluid, and jaw-droppingly amazing. There is a nice change from the awkward angular movements of the robots of the previous Gundam movies. Not only that, Gundam00 has upped it one level and given each of the robots distinct characteristics and motions.

The makers of Gundam00 didn’t bother to water down the horror of war either. What you will be seeing if you watch Gundam would be an honest portrayal of the gruesomeness of war – amazingly animated and in full Technicolor! Just imagine all those weapons of warfare silhouetted against one of the most colorful and beautiful sunsets ever painted in the history of Gundam.

Indeed, Gundam00 is a must-see. The first season is currently airing, with 25 episodes all in all. So, if you haven’t started watching Gundam00, I suggest you start downloading those episodes right now.

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