Asia’h Epperson Returning to American Idol?

Is Asia’h Epperson returning to American Idol? Rumors are in the air that American Idol Season Seven is returning 5 contestants that have already been eliminated. Asia’h Epperson is one of the 5 rumored to be one of the returning 5.

There is no confirmation that Asia’h Epperson is returning. Rumors are flying around a lot though and it is said that in April the 5 chosen contestants will be returning. Voting on these contestants will not be free. The money raised with the voting is going to be designated to a charity.

Asia’h won the hearts of many fans during her stay at American Idol. All sorts of fan clubs have been started due to her amazing talent. Not just her talent won the hearts but her determination to continue on even after her father’s death. How many 19 year old people do you know that could continue on with their dream after such a shock and adversity? Not many that I know of. This only shows her true professionalism.

This young lady has amazing talent and deserves a second chance to tour with the top 10 finalists. Hopefully this time enough people will decide to vote for her and send her all the way to the top American Idol. With so many fan clubs around and Idol fans this really should not be that difficult.

Perhaps if the word gets out enough about Asia’h Epperson’s return voters will come around this time. As a huge fan of Asia’h, I hope the rumors spreading around the internet are true. I would hate to see this potential American Idol not given the chance that she deserves. I will be keeping my ear to the ground and if I catch any wind that this rumor has any validity I will be reporting it. The other contestants have not touched me in the way this young lady has. Will American Idol Season Seven right a horrible wrong? If Asia’h Epperson returns make sure you vote this time.

Will Asia’h Epperson return to American Idol? You can keep up to date here at: Asia’h Epperson. Looking for further information or have further information leave a comment.

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