Street Fighting Moves – Movie Review – The Classic Bruce

Street Fighting Moves – Movie Review – The Classic Bruce Lee Movie – Enter the Dragon

I just saw again for about the twelve time the kung fu classic “Enter The Dragon” starring Bruce Lee. The story line is about a dedicated martial artist played by Lee’s character who feels compelled to go to this strange and remote island to prove his martial arts skills in a series no holds and no blows barred fighting matches.

This island is populated by a collection of criminally-minded fighters who fight in a tournament that is more like a human cock fight. There are fighters and martial artists that represent all styles and fighting systems.

Entertainment Value of The Various Fighters and Their Styles – Since back in 1973, practically no one had ever seen such a demonstration of fighting that just didn’t involve punches, but also spectacular leaping and flying kicks, one could say that the novelty of it all made it an extremely entertaining first time experience.

Effective Fighting Technique of The Various Fighters and Their Styles – What most people didn’t realize nor did they care as they were watching all of the spectacular kicks and hits to the face is that all of the moves were rehearsed and choreographed. This means that nothing that was seen in this movie would have ever happened in real life. The important thing to realize is that movie-martial arts has nothing to do with real life street fighting. When a martial artist wants to become an actor, the first thing that he is taught is to forget about doing moves that are effective and natural and to utilize all of the most spectacular and impractical techniques that the audience wants to see.

By today’s standard’s, the acting was mediocre, but many still find the action engaging. The bottom line is to watch it for entertainment purposes only as you have nothing to learn by watching it, that will help you to survive in the streets.

Out of a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 starts being best, I give it a 3.

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