My Review of Endgame by Alex Jones

I first heard about Endgame from a buddy at work. He was telling me how the queen was part of an exclusive club that met up each year to decide world events. Naturally, I thought he was talking out of his backside!

Bilderberg Group

A large part of this movie is dedicated to covering the Bilderberg group. These are a bunch of people who originally met at the Bilderberg hotel in Holland many years ago and this is how they get their name.

This group features many corporate executives and influential people. Alex Jones, the director, tries to get into the meeting but is kept well off limits.

So what you get is a loud mouth idiot shouting at people who can barely hear him.

He also enlists a number of people who frankly do not look like they have any credibility who are also Bilderberg hunters.

Really, whatever the true aims of the group are, this guy does nothing to help the “anti” cause.


Most of the movie is just pure sensationalism. I wondered at times if this guy had a work history in tabloid journalism.

You really have to fight through the sensationalist garbage to reach the nuggets.

Case in point is his website. I visited it immediately after watching the movie where he links to news items around the web that are of interest. What I noticed was that he took a relatively benign story and headline from another site and completely rewrote the headline into something that didn’t resemble the original. Anyway, I’m getting slightly off topic here…


One good section of the film was on eugenics. I had no idea that many historical figures that we consider “good men” were actually involved in the plot of eugenics and forming a master race.

This certainly opened my eyes and gave me food for thought.


This is a sensationalist movie that has a long boring section where the director stands in a parking lot and attempts to harass the delegates at a meeting.

But otherwise it gives a lot of food for thought and will have you wanting to do more research yourself on the internet. Definitely worth a watch.

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