Everyone’s Been to Dinner and the Movies

If dinner and a movie is the only page in your dating repertoire you desperately need to read further. Dating singles are all looking for that special someone and its hard to stand out when you’re going on the same old dinner and movie date. To really make an impression you need to think outside the box and start getting creative. If you live in a metropolitan area there are so many romantic date ideas it is absurd to fall into the dinner and a movie rut. Concerts always have some serious romantic potential whether it be a rock concert, classical symphony, jazz club, comedy or magic act.

While these ideas are a serious step in the right direction they are still missing the 1 on 1 interaction some other dating ideas have to offer. A Mozart Symphony can be the most romantic thing in the world but particularly so after a day full of romantic activities. Here is where you may want to explore the city you live in a little bit; getting your hands on some tourist brochures may turn up a lot of ideas. Travel Agents, Hotels and Youth Hostels are good sources, there is generally a rack of brochures near the front. In my City I quickly found brochures on balloon rides, sailing lessons, ferry tours, jet-ski rentals, the zoo, the planetarium, public museums, botanical gardens, a few local amusement parks and more.

All of these would make for very romantic dates and the brochure for sailing lessons got me thinking, a lot of different types of classes would have potential. Cooking classes can be very romantic, the chef shows a small class (usually couples) how to make several dishes of some theme (italian, vegetarian, etc.). The Chef makes plenty for everyone to sample and wine is often served. Lots of different kinds of classes can be very romantic taken together: painting, dancing, pottery (we’ve all seen the movie Ghost right?). Mother nature offers a lot of romantic possibilities as well: camping, hiking, a sunset walk on the beach or just an afternoon picnic. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city can be extremely conducive to romance.

Even if you stay home there are more romantic things to pass the time than watching television. On a rainy day simple things like putting together a puzzle, reading to each other, breaking out an old board game or just sipping hot chocolate and listening to the raindrops can be surprisingly romantic. Whatever romantic date idea you come up with it is the thought that counts and a little bit of effort and creativity can go a very long way.

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