When Was the First Chucky Movie?

Chucky is a modern horror icon slashing his way through film after film with a growing body count and a growing family and has become as iconic and “famous” as horror figures like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, although at times the series has become quite tongue in cheek and anything but serious. The Child’s Play films started off in 1988, telling the tale of a Good Guy doll gone very, very bad.

So how did this twisted tale of a psychotic, homicidal and murderous doll begin? Stumbling into a toy store, mortally wounded and desperate, knowing that he’s going to die, he performs voodoo (black magic) on himself transferring his soul into one of the nearby “Chucky” dolls.

In accordance with the spell he has cast upon himself, Charles Lee Ray, who is now a doll, needs the body of the person who first witnesses him speak in order to become human again, and if he fails he is destined to remain trapped inside the doll forever! The success of Childs Play led to two sequels, Child’s Play 2 in 1990 and Child’s Play 3 in 1993. But it was Child’s Play 3 that became infamous when it was linked to the Bulger killers in the UK.

It was subsequently banned despite already having received a BBFC 18 rating. And you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Since then however the Child’s Play 3 ban has been lifted (though the video is still deleted in the UK) but its notoriety had already been established by then and the series has since gained cult status among horror fans.

The last two in the series are probably the most bizarre and breathed new life into the franchise with Chucky going way beyond desperation. In Bride of Chucky, he is brought back to fighting form by his long lost girlfriend Tiffany who intends to give him a little “payback” for all the years she has waited for him.

Finally comes the Seed of Chucky. Somehow Chucky and his equally murderous bride, Tiffany managed to have a child who has grown up in a cage as part of a heavy-metal ventriloquist act in England. But after escaping his employment in a freak show, Glen travels to Hollywood to resurrect his parents, who are now props in an upcoming killer-doll slasher film (sound familiar?)

Everything ends when Tiffany becomes human again and gives birth to fraternal twins and Glen, in a blind rage, successfully tears Chucky into spare parts.

Seed of Chucky is a disturbing and often chaotic movie which could easily have bombed at the box office but, credit to Chuckey’s creators; they were successful in making an unusual horror film series.

Oh, and by the way, be prepared and when your shopping for the kids this holiday season because rumor has it Chucky is back, looking for a host.

Written by Colin Dorman Now you can own your very own life size screen authentic Seed of Chucky Doll.

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