Classic Christmas Movies That Are Loved by Many

Classic Christmas movies are those that beg to be watched each and every year at Christmas time. We see ourselves in these movies as we share tears and laughter. The list of classic Christmas movies is very subjective but some on the list are without question the best of the best.

For those who have a hard time believing in Christmas and Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street restores our faith. The original version was filmed in 1946 with Edmund Gwinn as Kris Kringle who’s placed in a mental institution for believing he’s Santa Claus. You might believe it too before the movie is over.

We remember George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) in It’s a Wonderful Life, also made in 1946. George lost $8,000 and was about to take his own life when Clarence, his guardian angel, gave him a chance to see how the world would be if he’d never lived. Surely, you’ve wondered this too.

On a musical note, there’s White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye who help an old friend who has fallen on hard times. Christmas movies inspire the spirit of the season and provide us with many wonderful songs.

These movies belong to all ages and the list could be endless. The word classic is defined as “serving as a standard of excellence.” Classic Christmas movies certainly meet this standard.

Not all Christmas movies would fall under the heading of classic. Some of the most entertaining holiday movies could be considered modern day. Christmas time means movie time for most of us and there are certain movies we must watch, some old and some new.

Home Alone is a feel good Christmas movie from 1990 with Macaulay Culkin who gets left behind on a family trip and spends the day fending off burglars who try to break into his home. Cartoon violence is high but it’s hard to take seriously.

Animated movies are always enjoyable for Christmas as is Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas filmed in 1993. Jack the Pumpkin King gets bored with Halloween and decides to take over Christmas from Santa Claus. Jack makes the appointed rounds himself delivering less than desirable toys to less than happy kids. He realizes his mistake and is happy to return to what he does best. A good lesson for us all.

A Christmas Story goes back to 1984 but teaches us that sometimes mom is right. Ralphie gets a BB gun for Christmas and despite his mother’s warnings to be careful he almost loses an eye. Most of us have been there and done that.

Christmas movies, whether new or old, usually teach us a valuable lesson and encourage us to love ourselves and others in this season of sharing. Visit to see which holiday Christmas movies are favorites for everyone!

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