A Scriptwriters Refuge

Are you living in a noisy neighborhood and you find it extremely difficult to write that script for your great story? I can empathize with you, it is very difficult for a screenwriter to write his/her scripts when there is a lot of racket round and about. Every screenwriter has a sixth sense which enables them to picture a scene from their story in their sub-conscious mind, but when there are distractions it becomes pretty difficult to fully exploit and utilize that vivid imagination. So how do we solve this problem?

I mean we can’t all relocate to a screenwriters’ resort or haven, what we can do is to schedule our time in such a way that regardless of the environment we find ourselves in we still have time to write. Some screenwriters are most comfortable in a library while others would simply sleep off if taken to a library.

So where is that place, that sanctuary for peace of mind?

Not every society is as fortunate as others, in Nigeria for example, locating a library close to you is not exactly like looking for a grocery store. There are just a few libraries around, most of them are within the walls of an Institution such as a University, the nearest library to me is about 10kms away.

So how do I get to write my scripts in a noisy neighborhood?

Well I adapt. A screenwriter should find his/her place of refuge and stick to it, guard it like your life depended on it, it could be some where at home, your basement, a study or even your toilet, where ever you decide is a good spot where your concentration level is at its highest and you are comfortable enough to write is a spot worth protecting.

Pick a time when you can go to that spot and when you are there do what you do best, write. Do not do anything else and let everyone know that you are in your spot and zone, in time family members would get used to you being in that spot and will not respect your privacy.

Peace of mind for a screenwriter is equivalent to a soccer player having a pair of legs, without it a script cannot and would not be written. Find your sanctuary and get busy writing that script today.


Onochie Osaji

‘Life is a script, write it’

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