Feel the Force to Unleash the Secret Multi-dimensionally

The movie “The Secret” does not lend itself to scientific analysis, because the threefold nature mind, body, spirit is too multi-dimensional for one to be able to analyze it and look at its individual aspects.

True research into The Secret is done with conscious awareness turned back on it Self, using feelings and emotions to research the nature of consciousness it Self. The tool for researching consciousness is quiet meditation and self-awareness. The process starts by consciously relaxing the physical body; by releasing tension and fatigue in the muscles; by consciously choosing to allow them to relax.

The more subtle stage begins when you start working with your breathing, quietening the mind and connecting with your energy body. You could say this is a process of transcending your physical structure. This is the interesting thing about conscious awareness. The Self, your true nature, is non-changing; like you being the same person all your life. You are not your physical body, as that is constantly changing. You are Spirit i.e. non-physical that which cannot be described because it has no qualities.

Some words that come close to describing it would be quantum field, vacuum, void, space. You are spirit, your physical body and all the layers in-between. The physical body allows you to turn your spiritual light, which shines out of your eyes, back on it Self, so you can know yourself and all the layers of matter and energy that make up your body. You do this research into your nature through your feeling and your emotions. You use your feeling to see your energy body, after relaxing your physical being and doing the conscious breathing.

You could work on your energy body by imagining roots growing out of your feet, grounding your energy field and connecting you to the Earth. You could open the chakras of the body and see all the spinning vortices of light, as you open up all the chakras. You could connect your crown chakra to the sun and moon and all the planets of our solar system. You could connect outwards to take in the Milky Way and the Universe, and realize that what is above is also below. Your body is a hologram of the universe. You see all the lines of force multi dimensionally flowing up and down the layers of your existence. You find that you are connected to the whole universe and everything else; that all human life is part of this One energy. Nothing in the universe is separate from anything else.

You are already connected to everything you could ever want. It is you and you are it. Your friends and loved ones, and those who show up in your life in an “enemy” role they are you also. We Are All One. Conscious awareness is a process of evolution where you keep gaining knowledge about yourself. You are no longer your physical body; you see the connection to all that is, and see it all as part of your Self. You realize your awareness can move around by itself without your physical body through astral travelling, out-of-body experiences. You realize you do not need your mobiles any more, as your powers of telepathy have become so acute, thought is enough. Your perspective on life starts to shift. You are not your physical body; you are the universe and all it contains.

You lose all sense of time and space. You no longer come to Earth for 100 spins around the sun. You realize you are immortal, Eternal made of Energy that cannot be created or destroyed. You then realize YOU not 6 billon people working as individuals are creating it all as a whole. You are One Universal Life Force flowing through us all. You stop killing each other because you realize they are you and you are them. We Are All One. Everyone in the universe shifts their energy and focus to co-operation and sharing. Everyone just falls into line, pulling in the same direction in co-operation and harmony. Synchronicity is so strong and awareness so full that accidents just have no space in which to happen any more.

There is no need for armies, no need for war, no need for governments. National boundaries cease to be barriers, and supplies begin to move across them from areas of surplus to areas of lack. Life becomes aware of it Self and governs it Self with Universal Oneness. I feel the movie “The Secret” is just touching on the surface of the evolution of consciousness we are now experiencing, with integration and evolution taking place at a speed and on a scale we can only imagine. But Know, as you are Imagining, you are creating your Present (and within it the Past and Future).

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