Changes to Movie Formats Over the Last 20 Years

Over the last 20 years movie technology has come along in leaps and bounds and the developments have all helped provide us with an entertainment experience that just keeps getting better and better. With many homes having widescreen TV’s in excess of 32″ in size, movies have become so much more than something to watch and the technology in terms of picture and sound is becoming so good, it almost feels like you are really in the film.

Firstly, there was Betamax and VHS which were videotape formats of movies, and although the VHS format became the most popular one, this new technology enabled people to watch movies at home cheaply for the first time. Another benefit of VHS was the ability to record your own movies and programmes off the TV to watch at your discretion. The main downfall with videotape format was the long rewinding times and the possible chewing of the tape by the VCR players.

During the mid to late 1990′s, DVD films appeared and this was basically a movie on a compact disc which was significantly smaller dimensionally than a VHS video tape and took picture and sound quality to a new level. Another benefit with DVD was the fact you could access different parts of the film almost instantly and you could also get more data on this format enabling additional content to be added, such as interviews with cast and crew, deleted scenes and behind the scenes special effects which helped give the viewer a much greater insight how the film was actually conceived and produced.

The most recent format to hit the market is the Blu-ray disc, and movie titles started to appear during 2006 and it has steadily grown in popularity since then as the Blu-ray players and movie titles have reduced in price. The main advantage of Blu-ray movies is the superb picture quality which providing that you have a HD-TV delivers a truly awesome movie experience with crystal clear pictures and beautifully crisp sound. A Blu-ray disc also holds substantially more data than a DVD disc and has roughly around a 50GB capacity and the great thing about the Blu-ray players is that you don’t have to get rid of your old DVD’s as it can play them too, although the quality won’t be any better.

Tanya is a freelance author who pens occasional pieces on home movies and other entertainment ideas, whilst working on the HMV sale.

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