Privacy When Downloading Movies, Games & Music Online

My previous article gave tips on how to get the best out of your P2P downloading software. This article looks at the safety and privacy issues you need to be aware of. (Note: if you require P2P download software head on over to where we review the best available).

Controlling your P2P shared folder

Uploading files across the P2P networks involves you uploading files from other peoples shared folders (just as they can upload files from yours). You therefore need to make sure you have control over your own shared folder and only add files that you want to share. Make sure you move files in and out of the folder appropriately and remember other users can only access your shared folder and not any other files on your computer. You can opt not to share yours by disabling the file-sharing option and this is recommended if you do not want people to share files from your computer.

Controlling your privacy

Remember, other users of P2P networks can view and download the contents of your shared folder so you should ensure that you only upload files to it that you are willing and able to share. If you are not sharing a file no-one else will have access to it.

Choose the right software

When choosing P2P software ensure it has a full money back policy and a good customer support service in case of any issues or problems.

Always run a virus check before downloading

As with any file you download from the internet you should run a virus check on any file downloaded across a P2P network. Pay particular attention to executable or zipped files (right click on your downloaded file and choose to perform a virus scan on it before you open it.) If you dont have a good virus scanner, get one!

Beware of unsuitable content

Just as everywhere else on the internet ,there is a great deal of unsuitable content freely available over P2P networks if you look for it. You need to ensure the correct controls are in place, particularly if children have access to your computer. Most good P2P download sites come with parental controls anyway but the best control as ever is personal supervision. Always ensure that you are aware what your children are downloading and educate them to the dangers.


Your security and privacy are very important so please follow the advice above when downloading over P2P networks. My next article goes into more detail about protection from viruses, spyware and adware.

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