Mamma Mia is Highest Grossing Film Ever in UK!

The box office hit, Mamma Mia has made an incredible 66,995,224 beating Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Casino Royale moves down a place to number three with top ten completed by the rest of the Harry Potter trilogy, The Full Monty, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually.

Worldwide, the film has already made $500M at the box office which is a staggering figure. Universal Pictures International president David Kosse told the Hollywood reporter. “Since its release in July we’ve seen people around the world coming back to see the film again and again.”

Last month it was reported that the incredible dip in the financial crisis had led to the best summer cinema attendance in almost forty years. I’m not entirely sure how they researched this figure but it sure sounds impressive! I have seen the film myself and love it. Although it is not typically a ‘guy’ film, it really is entertaining for anyone and I enjoyed it.

The timing of the film could not be better. Considering the current state of the economy people are more wanting to escape the realms of reality and be dis-connected from the world of reality. I suppose that is why films like this do so well at cinemas! Practically every woman I knew went to go and see that film so they have to be doing something right?

Personally, I am looking forward to the release of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I have a sneaky feeling that this will top the chart of highest grossing film in the UK.

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