How to Kill Your American Idol Audition With These 3

How to Kill Your American Idol Audition With These 3 Singing Tips

I’ve just been watching the American Idol auditions and watching with interest the amount of people who really want to sing but think just opening their mouths and letting the lyrics out is enough. Of course most of them have no idea that they can’t do it and are upset and surprised when the judges tell them they suck and don’t let them through. This is a shame because I believe that anyone can learn to sing well if they know what to do, so this article will show you some tips on how to improve your singing voice so you can go great in your next American Idol audition (or any other singing audition). Simon Cowell watch out!

Singing Tip #1

Open your mouth! Have you ever watched an opera singer and look how exaggerated they make their mouths look when singing? That’s because to reach certain notes you need to open your mouth up. One of the biggest mistakes that contestants make is that they don’t open their mouths wide enough to let the sound out and thus end up sounding flat or pitchy. Singing is not like normal speaking, don’t worry what it looks like just get those lips wide and let the sound escape.

Singing Tip #2

Rhythm and timing is a big problem for some people especially since there is no music to accompany you. So a great tip is to lightly tap your foot in time to the melody. The judges won’t really notice it and it really helps in keeping your timing perfect.

Singing Tip #3

Choose a song that suits your voice. Unfortunately not every singer can sing every song so you need to find something that is right for your voice. This is easy enough to do, choose a handful of song styles and try out a few of them. The ones that suit your voice should feel comfortable and easy and so that’s the style of song you should choose to sing for the judges.

If you are really serious about making a career of singing or making a good audition performance you need to take some time to practice and train your voice. Don’t expect to walk in and kill it unless you have unbelievable talent – you’ll need to work at it to impress the judges.

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