Charmed – Fiction Or a Dose of Real Witchcraft?

One of the most amazing television shows that really held me captive for years was the “witchy” show entitled “Charmed”. I mean, who could resist sexy successful women with cool superpowers that range from telekinesis to premonition to having the power to freeze time? Well I certainly couldn’t have, even if I really wanted to… which, incidentally, I did not. And not only did they have powers, but they also wrote their own spells! And their spells actually worked! They practiced real witchcraft! How cool was that?! Yes, I know it’s fiction but still the very idea that humans might be able to really do those things thrilled the whimsical child in me. Now for those who have been metaphorically trapped inside a cave from 1998 to 2006, let me just inform you that this show was about three sisters who were not only beautiful and successful humans, but were also the world’s most powerful witches…well, at least they were in their world. It was one of those shows that not only had plenty of eye candy, but also had smart dialogues and intelligent plots.

The first season of this amazingly feminist (in my opinion) show started when I was still in college. I remember I skipped my last class for the day just so I would not miss its first episode. When I got home, I immediately turned on the television and saw that blond lady lighting those candles with her finger. Yes, with her finger! It reminded me so much of Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic when she lighted an unlighted candle by blowing on it that I grinned like crazy as I stared at the TV screen! And when Alyssa’s character discovered the very cool witchy-looking leather-bound tome they called The Book of Shadows and started chanting the spell that invoked the “power of three”, I shrieked. My father thought I have gone crazy while my sisters turned their scandalized countenances on me. I just looked at them and shrugged.

Well, that first episode really piqued my curiosity that I immediately checked out the school library for some books about real witchcraft. Lo and behold, I actually found an Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, inside a Catholic University’s library, no less! However, I wasn’t able to take it out because, as luck would have it, it was the only existing copy. And so I ended up copped up inside that dingy library for days, reading all I can about real witchcraft and magic. Well, the book was not ‘The Journey to Trad Witchcraft by Adrian Eglinton’ but it was quite an interesting read nonetheless. And after that, I scoured the library for more reading material. Those days, I really couldn’t get enough of witchcraft.

To this day, I still love the show. I even bought all the videos so I can watch them over and over again. Obsessive? Perhaps. Or maybe I just can’t give up on the idea of real magic.

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