What Films to Watch Out For This Christmas

Films are something that make holidays more interesting. The holidays become more enjoyable because of the anticipation of the films that one can watch. There are many films that are released during and before the holiday season. Some of these films have a Christmas theme while there are others that follow other themes. Whatever the theme, people like to watch movies during their holidays because it adds to their joy and happiness.

This Christmas there are a large variety of films you should watch out for. Whether you want adventure, entertainment, Christmas magic, science fiction, family fun or any other category, you can find all these in the ‘soon to be released’ movies. Some of them are going to be released at Christmas, but some are due for release before that. So while doing your Christmas shopping, you should watch out for these movies.

If you are interested in Vampire movies, Twilight is for you. It is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, whose two previous movies were hits. For those of you who are “I like to move it move it!” fans, there is good news. The sequel of Madagascar called Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is going to be released soon.

For those who have been waiting for a long time to see Tom Cruise to return on screen, there is Valkyrie, which is released on December 26th. If you are a Brad Pitt fan, you should look out for his movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, which is based on a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. There is also a film to watch out for, for those who loved the onscreen chemistry between Leo and Kate. They are appearing together in the movie called Revolutionary Road. In the movie, they appear as a couple trying to cope with their personal problems.

For those of you who loved Neo in the Matrix movies, Keanu Reeves is returning to the screen in The Day The Earth Stood Still, in which he plays the role of an alien who comes to the earth to stop the people from fighting and to prevent war.

If you want to experience a little thrill and adventure this Christmas season, then look out for The Spirit, which is about a dead man who returns to life. For the James Bond fans, there is Quantum of Solace coming in November, which sees the return of Daniel Craig.

For the fans of animated movies, there are two new ones to select from. One is The Tale Of Desperaux and the other is Bolt. Bolt is about a German shepherd dog, and The Tale Of Desperaux is the story of a mouse that falls for a Princess. If you find Jim Carey funny and entertaining, then you should definitely see The Man.

If you are a fan of Christmas themed films, then Four Christmases, Marley & Me and Bedtime Stories are the movies for you.

There are a lot of good movies being released this season, and the movie fanatics are in for a treat because they have a lot of choices!

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