Play Movies in Your Mind

Our imagination builds our future. The picture that we build in our minds will undoubtedly materialize in the physical world if it is held consistently enough over time. It is a common mistake to rely solely on the physical senses and to believe only what we see. This dependence can keep us living in a vicious cycle where we observe the results around us, build a picture with these images, and then continue to receive the same results according to our picture. This is the life that the majority of people lead. They haven’t yet realized that their results are a product of their imagination. The image can consist of material from the physical world around us or images which we build in our mind. The treasure which few realize that we possess is the ability to build an image in our heads which will predicate our goals and ambitions.

Everybody hopes and dreams. We all see a rosy future at least once in a while but these visions are usually treated as whimsical fantasies. The majority don’t really believe in their dreams, they are simply vague wishes. The true power behind our visualizing faculty lies in the belief back of the picture. We must know that our picture will happen with certainty. This faith needs to be held in the face of the things occurring in the physical world that might not be consistent with this vision. Here lies the challenge: will we believe it when we see it, or have the courage to see it when we believe it.

The imagination will become extremely powerful through practice. In addition one’s faith will develop rapidly with the use of the visualizing faculty. When we start to live in our dreams – taste, touch, hear, smell – we develop a knowing that they will occur eventually on the physical plane. Whether it’s a physical possession or a state of mind the more frequently we see ourselves with what we want in our lives the more we believe in that picture and the less we believe in the physical senses in the form of the results that we are obtaining now. The image of the mansion in our mind that we see throughout the day takes sway over the low bank account that we see with our eyes. Practice living in this picture. The imagination grows stronger through adding details to the image. Learn to analyze the picture to the inch. Smell the picture, taste it, see minute factors, feel its texture. These may sound like foreign concepts to the uninitiated but with continued use one becomes amazed with the creative faculty we’ve been blessed with. Consistency is the key here; the more we see what we want in our minds the quicker it will come into our lives.

Human beings have been bestowed with an awesome tool in the form of our imagination. The ability to build and then hold an image in our minds is truly a miraculous faculty that few use properly. With continued study and practice in utilizing our image-making ability we will eventually bring into our lives whatever image we consistently hold and believe in.

Ryan Biddulph is an internet marketing entrepreneur. He studies human potential is his spare time and enjoys sharing his observations with the online community.

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