Sorry Bhai! (2008) Film – Character Detail – Chitrangda Singh’s

Sorry Bhai! (2008) Film – Character Detail – Chitrangda Singh’s Character

Chitrangda Singh as Aaliyah


The bride to be is a product of divorced parents and she has grown up in Mauritius, in a boarding school. Her parents are both married and with kids now and even though they support her financially and speak to her occasionally, she can’t say that they’re really in touch with her on a regular basis.

Harsh came like a blessing in her life, someone she could finally call her own, someone who loved her and let her love him. Therefore, when she starts feeling that Harsh doesn’t quite need her as much he once did, she feels betrayed and lost. What will she do with all the love inside of her? Siddharth becomes the soft target for her love and when she realizes that he too loves her, it is a do or die situation for her. Either she gets him or life is no longer worth living.

Chitrangda Singh veils what’s it like to play Aaliyah.

There are many facets to this character, which makes her very real. A woman who apparently looks emotional and vulnerable actually comes out being the one who makes the toughest choice. I love that mix in Aaliyah! Aaliyah “the mysterious one” has many layers to her character. She is a woman in search of true love. She is a film student, enjoys music, reading and wants to teach. She comes from a broken family and idealises love and family. What truly makes her amazing is her honesty sprinkled with an element of naughtiness.

The film deals with a very delicate topic and I did have a concern how it would turn out… but the innocence with which it has been handled by Onir makes the film very special. It deals with a girl falling for her fianc’s brother and manages to show the predicaments of the characters very realistically… without making them black or white… It’s beautifully real!

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