Greyson Fletcher Finds Fame With John From Cincinnati

New teen HBO television star Greyson Fletcher has been in the lime light for most of his life, but never as much as he is now that he is on the new HBO show called “John from Cincinnati.” Unlike many other teen stars, this surfer turned skater is handling the pressures of fame really well.

His father is Christian Fletcher, a professional and legendary surfer who brought new narly aerial moves to the sport of surfing. His grandfather also introduced new moved to the sport of surfing, making Greyson the third generation in a long line of surfing legends. The 16 year old teen star does like to surf but he is more likely to be found skating swimming pools with his friends or showing off his skating talents at skating events in California and Hawaii.

Greyson Fletcher has been skating circles around his dad since he was about twelve years old and has many skate company sponsors, such as Vans, that have given him plenty of exposure in the past. He can also be found on the skate video called “The Next Invasion.” He was about 12 years old when this film was made and it features some wicked moves by the young skater.

Setting himself apart from other stars his age, Fletcher has not become arrogant about his fame and fortune, but is still a regular kid who likes to skate and meet girls. Speaking of girls, they can’t seem to get enough of him. Greyson has been swarmed by young teen girls ever since the show “John from Cincinnati” hit the airwaves, due to his athletic look, long blond hair, and deep blue eyes. Teen girls are sure to be putting up posters of this new teen idol up in their rooms all around the country.

Greyson Fletcher’s fame is quickly rising, with teens googling him every day in an attempt to locate information and pictures of the new hot star. HBO and other websites have snippets of information about this new hot teen star, but the most comprehensive source of information about Greyson Fletcher is his fan site

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