How To Put Video On PSP

Those that purchase the PSP may have a specific reason in mind as to why they need or want to play with the PSP, but not many know of its actual power as a multimedia device. You surely know about its power as a video gaming system, you likely know about its ability to play movies for purchase at electronics retailers, and you may know about its power as a web browser.

However, the PSP can also be the hub for your movie collection as you also have the power to put video on your PSP. This article will explain how to put video on the PSP:

Just as you would do if you were transferring your audio files to an MP3 player, you must first rip the movie to your computers hard drive with a dvd decrypter. There are a bevy of places online to purchase or find free dvd decrypting software to be able to complete this process. Just type in the words and make Google do the rest!

PSP Video 9 or similar software will convert your ripped DVD to the correct format for your PSP. PSPs can only read videos in the mpeg-4 format. The best way to describe this is that the original format of your DVD is not supported by your PSP, so you must get it to the format that is supported by a PSP, by using PSP Video 9, or a plethora of other software options which will quickly and easily convert your ripped dvd to the proper mpeg-4 format. Simply search for PSP Video 9 or video converter on Google and take your pick of the many free or paid for options.

Once you have your video ripped, converted and saved to your hard drive, you are ready to put the video on your PSP. Be sure you have a large enough memory stick (at least 512 MB) and connect your PSP to the PC via your USB cable. If you are using PSP system software 2.0 or higher, when you formatted your memory stick for your PSP the video folders were created automatically. If the video folder was not created, you will need to do so manually. In the root of your PSP create a folder at name it “MP_ROOT”. Inside this folder, create another folder and name it “100MNV01. This is the folder where you will copy your movie files.

Now that you have seen how to put video on your PSP, it should get easier every time you do it. Once your movies are loaded onto your PSP, browse to them with your controls and begin enjoying them at your leisure, whenever you decide.

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