Best Comedy Movies 2008!

Let’s start by explaining the art of comedy and what what kind of comedy we refer to in this article. We all know the commercial type of comedy, amusing to almost everyone, often exercised with slipping behind sofas, overexplicit jokes and punch-lines based on a script that has been reviewed, edited and reviewed again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and with comedians like Jim Carrey and Jerry Seinfeld (after Seinfeld series) backing it up, what else can you do but laugh.

However what we are talking about when referring to Best Comedy Movies 2008, that we’ve had the delight of seeing a lot of in 2008, is the slightly more sophisticated comedy. Still goofy, by all means, but not limited to practical jokes or simplified by a too tight script. The comedy in it self is perhaps not always something that makes you laugh out loud or re-capping it to your friends, but rather makes you smile and remember the characters and story in it self. Less is about one funny actor, or theme and more is about the genius and flawfulness of the movie.

3 comedy movies of 2008 that fit perfectly to this category are:

- Son of Rambow – a comedy adventure to be fare and a story of two very different boys in old England who come together in filming Rambo First Blood. Brilliant story, great characters and actors and a lot of laughs. A must-see!

- Be Kind Rewind – Jack Black and Mos Def in a brotherly and slightly awkward duo, trying to film their own versions of hit movies like Ghost Busters, Driving Miss Daisy and Lion King, after accidentally destroying all video tapes in their video store. Genius effects and meaningless plot, nonetheless a blast to watch.

- Semi Pro – Will Ferrell at his best. As the owner and coach of a basketball team, Will’s character JAckie Moon is a self-centered grown up baby who still lives on a one hit wonder called Love Me Sexy. It’s original and although it’s redundant at times, the story shows of uniqueness and superb dialogues.

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